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What kinds of gun storage do you handle?

All kinds! But for your department's purposes there are three levels of firearms that may be transferred to a "bonded public warehouse on the licensed premises of a firearms dealer":
(a) restraining-order firearms
(b) donated firearms
(c) abandoned firearms 

 (d) safekeep firearms

What difference does it make where I store my guns?

The key phrase for storage is "bonded public warehouse on the premises of a licensed firearms dealer". Liability transfers from the Police Department to the licensed, bonded dealer who must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the transfer and disposition of the firearms. Most police departments have neither the time, facilities, personnel, or insurance necessary to deal with this complicated and time consuming task. 

Is this a complicated process?

No. All it takes is one quick phone call. We do the rest. We come to your department. We inspect, inventory, describe and receipt all firearms, on-site. We handle all paper work, notices, firearms transfers or liquidations in compliance with all State and Federal laws. 

Can I store guns with any gun dealer or warehouse?

Chapter 140 Section 129D authorizes the licensing authority to only  transfer firearms for storage to a "firearms dealer who has a bonded public warehouse on the licensed premises" after the licensing authority has taken possession of the firearms by any means.

What does all this mean for my department?

Firearms storage at no cost to your department. Firearms storage liability one step removed from your department. 

How long do I have to hold guns seized under a 209A before I can transfer them to Guardian Arms?

Restraining order firearms may be transferred at any time according to Chapter 140, section 129D. It is not necessary to have a court hearing, especially in the case of a large quantity of guns or an extremely rare or valuable collection where the department wishes to be once removed from liability.

Police faq

What about donated firearms?

Donated firearms may be transferred  or sold at any time. We can handle the complete process from inventory to liquidation and forwarding proceeds of the liquidation. 

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What's the difference between donated and abandoned firearms?

Abandoned firearms may be disposed of after one year of initial surrender. They may, however, be stored immediately in a bonded public warehouse on the premises of a licensed firearms dealer.